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Cleanroom doors are an essential component of cleanrooms because they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment. If they fail to function properly, the cleanroom is at a higher risk of contamination. Here are 10 tips to help you choose the right cleanroom door.

1. Door panel thickness

Choose a door that is resistant to bending and shock. A thickness of 50 mm is recommended which provides both strength and reliability under most industrial circumstances.

2. Easy to install

Independent doors are good choice because they can be installed into any cleanroom and easy to repair and replace.

3. Flat surface

Choose a door with a completely flat surface. Flat surface door is easy to clean and maintain hygiene. There are no joints for the contaminants to accumulate.

4. High level of airtightness

Cleanroom doors should ensure a high airtightness level and a high safety level. Some cleanroom doors are equipped with sealing technology for complete airtightness.

5. Resistance to industrial detergents

Cleanrooms are exposed to intense cleaning every day with a variety of strong chemicals to ensure high levels of cleanliness. Cleanroom doors need to be resistant to any cleaning detergents. Stainless steel doors are the durable ones that can resist any cleaning chemicals.

6. Safety glazing

In a cleanroom, safety is important. As a result, every component of cleanroom equipment should be designed to meet the highest safety standards. Some cleanroom doors are equipped with shatter proof, safety glazing, meaning if the window breaks, it stays in place and there is no risk of scatter.

7. Antistatic surface

Antistatic surfaces assure that the door will not attract dirt and contaminants. All surfaces, including the cleanroom door, must be anti-static in order to maintain hygiene at a maximum level.

8. Good quality hardware

Not only the door but small details such as door locks, door closers, and hinges also should be of the best quality, durable and easy maintenance.

9. Door locks

If there is an electric outage, a mechanical lock should work as well as the electronic intelock systems. Interlock doors open at the touch of a button and close automatically, which guarantees the highest security for cleanrooms.

cleanroom doors interlock system

10. Sales services

Once the cleanroom door specifications have been decided, it’s time to choose a supplier. Whether it’s a small or big company, take a look at the services provided. Make sure that all the necessary accessories and parts can be ordered and delivered should there be a problem in the future. This will prevent having to replace the door at a significantly higher cost.


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